Sunday, February 24, 2013

European Job Fair?

Watching the news lately about how poorly Europe is making out. Austerity programs are gutting many countries like Greece, Spain, Ireland and more.  Young people in these countries face unemployment rates as high as 55%! Here in Canada meanwhile, our youth unemployment runs about 15%. Europe is in real trouble, their future looks pretty bleak indeed.
Guess what Harper and company are doing? They are bringing in the unemployed from Europe! Yup, bring in youth from other countries and help them with their unemployment! Spend your money to import workers from countries where there is no work and chew up jobs here. Thousands of people every year!
Wonder why your kids can't get jobs? No need to wonder anymore. Our government is giving the jobs to foreigners! From BC miners to local bartenders, no job is safe. Harper is giving them special exceptions to take your child's' job. I'm pretty sure his kids will find work. This is his plan to bring back prosperity to Canada? Sounds more like a plan to share the austerity programs being spread across Europe. 

Steve-o, please tell us what your reasoning is here.
Are immigrant workers cheaper? Do they work harder?
How much do these workers cost the Canadian taxpayer?
Do they contribute to CPP?
If we need skilled workers in Canada, I would like to think our government would first do everything in their power to provide Canadians with the necessary training/education. Our unemployed deserve a better fate than to be beaten down by their own government.
Why isn't your government providing more training for our youth, instead of importing workers?
If you continue to bring in workers from around the world, what jobs will be left for Canadian youth?
If our youth don't get jobs in their futures, how soon will those austerity programs creeping across Europe be foisted on the Canadian public? Or is that the plan all along?

Tell your masters to stop this madness. The World Bank, The Bilderberg Group, Just who are you working for?

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