Monday, February 04, 2013

Universal Education?

The only way that any country including Canada can expect to continue to compete in the "world economy" (sic) would to be to allow our children the opportunity to take their education as far as they are able. Every single child in Canada should have the right to a complete education as far as they want/need.

A person should be allowed to pursue whatever profession they feel capable of working in. Money or position should not be barriers to education. Easy to suggest, hard to implement! Where will we find the resources to pay for such an inclusive program? How can Canadians pay for this?

How about corporations chipping in? After all, beyond the individual being educated (and their family), who benefits most from the education that we pay for today?
How about service for your country? After high school, a few years of service (in any number of formats) could pay for an equal number of years of education. As well as providing financially, a few years of service would provide the student experience, discipline and a bit of maturity. None of which would harm any 18 year old I've ever known!

This does not necessarily mean that everyone need join the Armed Forces. Service to Canada can be performed in many ways, how about a Canadian form of the "Peace Corp"? There is much to be done here in Canada, to improve the lives of Canadians. All of this "service" has a value. Some of this "value" could be used to provide those persons with their education.

How about charging more for foreign students? How about reducing public debt? How about a few cents added to gasoline sales, cigarettes, booze? How about legalizing cannabis and taxing the hell out of it? The savings from policing costs alone would pay for universal education! Course, you would need to keep our governments dirty little fingers away from any new income, because once they see the cash they go into a fever trying to think of new ways to waste it.

How many ways can you see to provide our children with a proper education? I really like the idea of corporations repaying society for the education we provide to their employees. I am also intrigued with the idea of providing service to Canada in return for an education. Seems like a win win to me!

In order to provide what should be a right in today's world, any of the ideas above could be used. I know there are plenty more where they came from. What do you think? Any ideas of your own? All we need is the willpower to do what is best for your children. And of course, a government not in the pockets of corporations and the 1%!


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