Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Canadian Political Party?

 I really find that people like to complain about what is happening in our country without ever offering any alternatives. What ideas and or policies would you put forward if you were running the country?

A few of my ideas for a new political party follow:

·         Education
The only way that Canada can compete with the world successfully is by ensuring that Canada’s workforce is the smartest in the world. The only way to ensure that is to provide the education that our children need to compete. Kindergarden to University.

·         Armed Forces
Canada’s Armed Forces will be needed in tomorrow’s world. Sad but true.
Nothing we can do about that except hope for a better world and prepare for the worst.

·         Employment
We have about 10% of the population who cannot find work. We believe education is the key to ensuring the reduction of unemployment.

Drugs are not a criminal issue they are a Health Issue.

·         Economy
The idea of progressive taxation is an acceptable burden on the citizens of a free country. This provides some relief to persons at the lower end of the economy without putting too great an onus on those at the higher end. We do need to revisit this issue as the rules have become too favourable to the rich.

      Representation needs to be equal for all areas. When you elect a person to government you should expect them to represent your area and your concerns. Every vote needs to be a free vote. Voting controlled by any party is an insult to the idea of equal representation.


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