Wednesday, January 30, 2013

On the Canadian Economy

It's only my opinion but I believe our current economic policies are unsustainable.

Capitalism has perverted our democracy. Too much power has been ceded to the rich. Lobbyists run the country instead of the politicians we elect. Our rights are sold out to powers outside Canada.

Our government follows the Bilderberg Group (Too many Canadian politicians have attended their meetings) who propose a world government ruled of course by the rich. Why this is not treason escapes me.

The rich have lobbied their way to lower taxes than you and I pay. They now insist we lower the safety net we as Canadians have built through years of hard work. The rich believe their contributions to be of greater worth than our labour. I disagree. Why is money (interest & stocks) taxed at a lower rate than labour?

You want fair taxation? We need to drop all the special deductions and exceptions from the tax code.
Only a completely open, progressive tax system will provide the tax base required to relieve the debt burden presently crippling our economy.

Given all the taxes imposed on us in Canada, federal, provincial, gas, liquor,  property taxes & HST, most of us are paying close to or over 50% of our initial incomes. Don't forget to add in your costs for health care (free health care right?), bogus environmental charges,  license fees, excise taxes, EI & CPP.

Given the above I have to wonder where all the money is. If everyone is paying that much there is no way we should be in a deficit situation! So who is not paying their share? I know I have, throughout  my working life. Now in retirement, all I see is the government trying to reduce my pension, increase my taxes and reduce our benefits.

I'm no economist (thank god) so I don't claim to have all the answers, but I do think there are ways and means for Canada to continue to allow for the safety net we pride ourselves in providing the less fortunate in our society. 

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