Thursday, January 24, 2013

Politics as usual?

What do you do when none of the people and parties who are running your country are capable of actually working together for the betterment of the people in your country? What do you do when you believe that those same politicians are actually harming your country? When you believe that the politicians are at best incompetent, more likely corrupt in every way?

What do you do when you believe that those politicians are completely ruled by greedy corporations? When their actions over the last 50 years or so have worked in concert with big business and the 1%, to tilt the playing field so that today it’s impossible for the average person to even stand up let alone compete.

Apathy seems to be our national pasttime – not hockey! It’s only a day dream but why couldn’t the 99% get their own party? What is stopping the great majority of Canadians from getting the government they want? I know I’ve had more than enough of this insanity. 
Our Canada needs to redefine what Canadian priorities should be. What Canadians want this great country to be in the 21rst century. What they (that's you) want to leave your children and grandchildren.

I think we need a Canadian “Spring”. What happened in the Arab world was the awakening of those people to the inequality their leaders were imposing on them. No, the degree of outright tyranny is today not comparable to that being wielded in our country. But it is only the degree of tyranny that differs. Anybody remember Vancouver? How about Toronto and the G20? Did Vic Toews call you a child molester?

Canadians do not need to riot in the streets to achieve the effect they want. We need to get involved in our own governance. We need to excite the 40% of us who don’t vote anymore. Government needs to reflect Canadian interests more than corporate interests.

In order to achieve this (What I think will be a better Canada) we need a paradym shift in the direction our governments are taking. A change in how we view the relationship between rulers and the ruled. The government of Canada needs to govern the country not rule our lives. Our government should be protecting citizens before corporations. No one in Canada should go without food or shelter. 

I believe that we can change all of the above and make Canada the best place in the world once again. I believe that a new political will is moving through the world and Canada. 

The problem I see is that none of the political parties here are willing to divest themselves of their masters. We need a new political will to do what is right for the country not just some of the people living in it. We need a government who will do what is right for Canadians not just themselves. We need a new political party that will look out for Canadians before themselves.

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